Once in Time, Rockman MET-A-TRON.
Tron gave Rockman twelve
Stones, a Key, and a Mystery.
The Key was to the Kingdom, but It did not quite Þt the Lock.
The Lock was to the Chest, where Earth Walkers keep their Heart.
Rockman puzzled, and Wandered in a Maze.
Rockman threw down the Stones in Dis-Array in the Shadow
of a þoating Condor, cursed Tron, and walked away.
On the Horizon soared a crumbling Peak Of Smoke and Fire.
With gaze Trans-Fixed, Rockman saw the Code of now and then.
Each Stone a Node, fell round the Shadow, and The Bird of Prey was there to Stay.

Rockman set the Stones in four lines of three, where he could see, each Stone's Identity. With a line of four more, the codex was ready now to keep the score