Hyperdeck is an icon key for organizing information. The Hyperdeck module comprises the mnemonic codex for the Code 10 graphic link architecture. Based on the class and rank of the common playing card, Hyperdeck provides a set of iconic tags for objects. The objects, for convenience are called memory organization packets. In ALGO 4913 the objects are Þxed size bit blocks, but can be any referenced object of variable size.

Hyperdeck comprises a set of icons having an intrinsic associative value and hierarchical order that mimic decks of conventional playing cards. When attached to objects the mnemonic icons provide a notion of the informational content, such as class and importance, of the objects tagged. Selected icons that are attached (or "linked") to selected objects are then positioned in a matrix in an arrangement related to the interrelationship of the selected objects. The arrangement itself constitutes a mnemonic.

Quintal's ongoing research into conventions for icon sets will result in useful libraries that can be adapted to the user's personal tastes and particular applications.

Quintal's objective is to create the CORBA compliant Icon Component.

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