A little about Quintal:

Quintal is a technology company that provides convenient default conventions for communication. The name Quintal Research Group was chosen for the "100" meaning of quintal and for the recognition that the company is a group effort. Some say that QRG stands for queers, renegades and groupies, but that's politically incorrect. So, just think of Quintal as a virtual company of independently minded people attempting to capitalize on some of the old technology, of that "REP's the name, tiles the game", crufty old inventor in the shark skin suit.

While Quintal is a loose knit group of oddballs and blockheads, the company is serious about licensing some pretty far out technology that should make everyone's life a little easier. We want to help fast forward the coming marriage of the cell phone and the portable computer. Along the way we want to have a little fun and suggest that maybe the ancients had one of those computer thangs, and we are just uncovering the obvious.

Quintal Research Group, Inc.
Richard E. Peterson, President
1905 D Palmetto Avenue
Pacifica, CA 94044

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